What can cause a Brother printer to not print black?

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What can cause a Brother printer to not print black?

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1. Check that the "Breather Tape" on the top of the cartridge is fully removed.
The breather tape or sometimes reffered to as the shipping tape MUST be removed before installing the cartridge. If this is not removed then the ink remains vacuum sealed in the cartridge and it will not come out under any circumstances.

2. Make sure that you install a new cartridge well before it runs dry
When your printer starts warning you that the Black cartridge is getting Low and needs to be replaced it's OK to keep printing for a while but not for too long. I know that we all want the most from our cartridges but if you print too long and the ink runs very low then you will start introducing air into the print nozzle.

3. Using very low quality generic ink cartridges
Brother inkjet printers, like any other printer brand uses specific inks in their printers designed to perform correctly with their own machines. Due to the massive availability of generic cartridges there is a huge difference in quality between one generic ink and another.

4. Brother printers and CISS Systems
Brother printers which have a CISS fitted are also at risk of printhead clogging. This is due to several factors such as poor quality ink being used, tanks not being mixed often enough causing sediment to gather at the bottom of the tanks or not being used often enough. All of these factors can cause the black ink or the colours not to print.
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Brother Printer Not Printing

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