I need more in depth personalization

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I need more in depth personalization

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EA needs to repair the basics of the mode before any of this new livelihood stuff gets Mut 20 coins added. I would like to have the ability to find out who a player played for when I examine their career stats. I would like to determine which team. I want to be able to look at historical stats to my team, and ideally each other team--an EA version of pro football mention that saves all of that information for your league I produce. I need generated draft classes which make at least a passing attempt. I need these classes to get over 1-2 prospects from major apps, and I never want to see numerous prospects each year from Princeton and Army and Navy and Villanova. I swear I visit prospects from Lehigh than I do Florida.

All of this should be really simple to add or fix. A very simple tweak to will fix the schools. Adding teams to player stats has been an essential element in sports matches for generations. Data is an issue of saving data that Madden already saves. Once that is figured out, I would like to find things like participant positions that are realistic. Too many 3-4 teams utilize 250-pound defensive ends because they're"power rushers" and that's all of the scheme fit seems to comprehend. CPU teams ought to be able if doing so works better in their strategy to edit player positions. That would take a bit more work. Or gamers could be classified as edge rushers, interior linemen, etc..

I want to observe backups become used. I just drafted a 76-overall receiver in the first round and had him. Then I simmed the season (offline franchise) to observe how he would do. Zero catches. Likewise, I want to see poor teams really adopt being bad. Play younger players with an eye on development rather than mediocre veterans who may be a stage better in general but have no future.

And I want to see highlights from around the league. All of Madden are simulated, as well as the saved information includes a list of all scoring plays. Make highlights for those up and let us see them. They'll most likely be lame the time, but it will be cool nonetheless. Fundamentally... make franchise mode feel like a dwelling league. Just when all that is done do I even wanna consider working my way up as a position coach, which I'd probably hate anyway and that would do nothing at all to resolve the existing issues with franchise mode.

I need more in depth personalization. I want to have the ability to create a group and transfer to Antarctica and style my own pajamas, stadium, logo and everything. Uniform combos. I would like to have millions of custom options for my player. I'd love to play against groups which contain genitalia as their trademarks, why? As it is funny. I need all - if not all of to buy madden coins cheap what you suggested. I want also our legion of 3000 fans to the Super Bowl along with a fantastic gameplay experience while my Pleasant Valley Whistle Pigs are taken by me! I want joy. I want lolz. These Madden possess no joy. They've no lolz.

I would LOVE the team customization thing to be attracted back. Sadly, this is a (rare) case jk that EA is not to blame. A while back the NFL made them take it all out and got all pissy about teams being added and altered and shit. Madden really needs to catch up on Madden playwith. Unique, real-life animations for every player (like 2k) and quit making players achieve through one another's bodies to catch the ball. That's a whole other matter although gameplay is readily manipulated and dreadful. If they at least made playing Madden interesting it is fine if it stinks. 2k gameplay is AWFUL, but the storylines and customization and challenges and development keeps you playing.

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